Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dunedin: Cadbury Factory

For choco lovers, the thought of  a chocolate tour is mouthwatering. But don't expect too much on this tour. Don't expect to get inside the factory and see chocolate spouting off machines and it being packed right in front of your eyes.

Here's what happened though:

1. How chocolate is made is explained by your guide.
2. You get to try liquid form of chocolate (milk, dark, and white) in a little cup which you can add some candy, sprinkle etc.
- This was the highlight for me. I actually got a bit of a sugar happy rush licking that chocolate off my plastic spoon. Lots of happy endorphins working at that moment.
3. You go to another room and get to see a video on how jaffra and pineapple chocolate are made.
4. You go up the stairs and watch a chocolate waterfall for several seconds and bask in the smell of yummy chocolatey goodness.

I think I must have missed some parts, but basically that's it. They give away chocolates throughout the tour though so it 's all good. Not bad for my NZD$18 (student price).

OMG it's the easter bunny

My Cadbury Goodie Bag (Freebies)

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